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Client Wins!

“I have looked into and had taken many sleep training courses before my little one was born, but nothing ever felt right or useful. However, when I started talking to Alanna, everything transformed! It was extraordinarily helpful to have 1:1 support for my baby’s specific sleep issues. After chatting with Alanna, she was able to give me some simple recommendations that completely changed my baby’s (and my!) sleep for the better. I was shocked at how fast everything changed! She is such a kind, loving, and knowledgeable consultant, which made me really trust that she had me and my baby’s best interest at heart. I 100% whole-heartedly recommend any of her services, and if you have questions or hesitations, DON'T. It is well worth it!” 


Alissa, mom of Chloe (10 weeks)

“We were desperate and at a total loss when I found Alanna.  She listened to my concerns and the unique needs of my family in order to create a plan that worked for us.  Her daily guidance and encouragement really helped us make progress in leaps and bounds. I found her approach almost fun, like a daily challenge, and now I feel I have the tools for this baby and our next to get the sleep we all need.”


Deva, mom of Ora (12 months)

Working with Alanna was wonderful! My 8 month olds sleep has been inconsistent his whole life and since we started working with Alanna, he has been sleeping through the night consistently. I couldn’t recommend working with Alanna and her approach more. I saw real strides in Benny’s sleep in just two weeks and always felt supported over text.

Alyssa, mom of Benny (8 months)

For the first six months of his life, my son napped literally nowhere but my arms, usually while nursing.  I was so desperate to have some freedom back in my day, I read, followed, watched, and researched everything I could to get him to nap in the crib - nothing worked.  I was devastated thinking that I wanted to change something about my sweet, snuggly baby.  When I found Alanna, I knew something was different about her approach.  I finally caved and got the full support package to crack his naps. 


From DAY ONE, Alanna had my clingy baby taking long, independent naps in the crib.  I was so relieved to quickly learn that I didn't need to change anything about him at all to help him get his best sleep.  Alanna taught me to tune into his unique sleep needs to help him have great naps and nights and develop a rock-solid sleep foundation.  Alanna fundamentally changed my life and my relationship with my baby, and I cannot recommend her enough.

Maya, mom of Lior (6 months)

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