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Why would I hire a sleep consultant?


There are so many benefits to hiring a sleep consultant! These are just a handful of reasons…

  1. Information: Baby sleep can be really overwhelming. And Google is scary, unreliable, and straight up crazy sometimes. I can answer all your sleep questions right here!

  2. Accountability: Once the information is consolidated, it can be really hard to stick to a plan. I am here to hold you accountable to your goals!

  3. Reassurance: Sleep is a journey. 100%. Lots of ups and downs, twists and turns. I have serious empathy for everyone going through it, and I will always celebrate the wins, both big and small, with you. 

  4. Honesty: If there’s one personality trait to define me, it’s honest (for better or for worse haha). I  will always be real with you.

  5. Fresh Eyes: Sometimes it’s hard to work through challenges when you’re tired, anxious, and upset (we’ve all been there, I promise you…). I will gather information with a fresh perspective on the situation and give you the support you need.

What ages do you work with?


I work with babies and children of all ages. With that said, the support I provide to parents of newborns looks quite different than to older babies and children. I work with parents who are expecting or in their “fourth trimester” (first three months postpartum) on setting up expectations around newborn and infant sleep, how to clear up day/night confusion, soothing techniques, and creating a safe and calming sleep environment and bedtime routine. At this age, babies still need a lot of help - but it’s also a great time to start setting a good foundation for sleep. 


Between 12-16 weeks (adjusted), their routine starts to solidify a little more - babies become more aware of their surroundings and their sleep starts to develop into more of a rhythm. This is the time I start working with parents on giving their babies more opportunities to try and fall asleep on their own and develop self-soothing techniques. At this age, many babies are ready for more formal sleep training. 


And it’s never too late to sleep train! The older the child is, the more involved in the process they become. If you are facing sleep challenges with your child, don’t hesitate to reach out and I can evaluate if my services are appropriate for you.


I sleep-trained my baby and they slept so well for a while. Now their sleep is all over the place. What happened?


Babies grow so fast. Their brains and bodies are constantly evolving, and as they reach new milestones, we need to make adjustments along the way and meet our children where they're at. The sleep journey is not linear - there are ups and downs along the way. When I work with a family, I ensure they feel confident moving forward to tackle new challenges that arise. And I don’t drop my clients! When new questions pop up, I will still be here to help guide you.


Do you use a specific method for sleep training?


I do not believe there is a “one size fits all” approach to sleep. I am educated on a range of sleep training methods and meet families where they’re at. I will NEVER force a family to do something they are not comfortable with. Every sleep plan I write is fully personalized, and I always provide options upfront and along the way. 

Will my baby have to “cry it out”?


No! “Cry it out”, or the Extinction Method, is not a method I typically recommend to families (unless a family is specifically seeking coaching using that method). With that said, no approach to sleep training is 100% tear-free. When a baby or child tries something new for the first time, there will likely be frustration, which is often expressed through tears. Trying something new can be scary (even as an adult!). But when we continue to give our children more opportunities to *try* and fall asleep with less support, they will develop more confidence which will lead to independence. 


If I sleep train, do I have to stop feeding overnight?


Absolutely not. Sleep training is NOT synonymous with night weaning. Overnight feeds are very age-appropriate through much of infancy and I encourage families to maintain this practice if it continues to benefit their baby nutritionally . However, if you are looking to cut back on night feeds (and it has been approved by your pediatrician), I am happy to help you do that.


My baby and I are currently co-sleeping. Can we work with you?


I do work with families that are currently co-sleeping and are ready to create some space. I also like to work with parents to continue creating special, snuggly moments with their babies even when transitioning away from co-sleeping. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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