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A little about me...

Hi! My name is Alanna Wolf. I was born and raised in the Greater Boston area. I graduated from Boston University with a Masters in Occupational Therapy and use my degree to work with people across the lifespan - babies, school-aged kids, and young, middle, and older adults! I am passionate about helping people live their fullest lives despite any sort of challenge.


Outside of being an occupational therapist, I am often either playing board games, baking (and eating) all the desserts, shopping at Trader Joes, drinking craft beer, or spending time outside in the sunshine. My husband and I met at summer camp, and now we have a super cute baby!


Once I had my daughter, my eyes were opened to the world of sleep. There was so much to learn! While it was so overwhelming at first to figure out her sleep as a newbie mom, I really loved diving into the information on sleep and solving our challenges.





I definitely have my (many) moments of anxiety and stress as a new parent. Throughout new motherhood, I’ve found it incredibly important to not get bogged down in every little detail, but rather, to zoom out and stay focused on the big picture. One failed nap does not mean the day has gone down the drain. One time she stays awake for way too long so that we can go to a birthday party does not mean she’ll turn into a horrible sleeper. Worrying about each isolated episode is Just. Not. Worth. It. It’s about a solid foundation of healthy habits and routines. It’s about being equipped with the knowledge and toolbox to troubleshoot and think outside the box when REAL LIFE HAPPENS. I will tell you time and time again, just as I remind myself, that it’s time to cut yourself some slack. Take a deep breath, zoom out, and see the big picture.

Why Big Picture?


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